About Sprogløft

You are looking for a translator and might recognize one of these situations:

You have been asked to have your company’s contracts or terms and conditions translated. Alternatively, if you are a lawyer, you might be in the middle a court case, and the client wishes to have the pleadings translated in order for him or her to be updated on the progress of the court case. I can help you with that.

Another scenario might be that your company has prepared some promotion materials that need  translation.  I will be able to help you.

If it is not a translator you are looking for but a proofreader, I will be happy to do the proofreading for you.

You have a specialist book or a trade journal that you wish to have reviewed for spelling errors, grammatical errors or punctuation errors before printing. It could also be that you have written a statement or an article that need reviewing before publishing.

See my qualifications here. You can also contact me either by phone +45 28 90 81 19 or use the contact form.

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