Individual assignments:

My hourly fee for individual assignments is DKK 599 (EUR 80). The minimum price for any assignment is DKK 599. 

If it is an urgent assignement, the hourly fee is DKK 799 (EUR 107).

Ad hoc assignments:

If it concerns ad hoc assignments, we can conclude a firm agreement on the translation of your texts. 

Please contact me for a price estimate. 

The process  on which the prices is estimated:

To give you an idea of the translation process and what it is you are paying for, please read this short description of the process:

The best thing for all parties is that I have the option of reading the entire text, or at least skim through it, so that I can get an idea of what it is I will be translating and the extent of the document. Best of all, I receive your final draft in order for me to give you as accurate a price estimate as possible or quote a fixed price.

Normally, you will be able to translate a standard page in approx. one hour. A standard page is 250 words or 2,400 keystorkes inclusive spacing. Some translations may require some research in order for me to find the correct word or expression, and the translation will then take little longer. In addition to the translation, I will also calculate time for review of the text.

It is important that I receive the text for translation in time so that I will have time enough for the above-described process. This will give the best result.

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