Proofreading and Linguistic Review

I provide proofreading and linguistic review in Danish and English of your text,  and I can help you have your text be more comfortable to read.

Proofreading of your text is important when you want to communicate news, knowledge, or general information to others in writing in a way that will not “disturb” the reader by missuse of terms and idiomatic phrases, wrong placing of commas, misspelling, and typing errors. 

It is important that your text has a clear focus and is without too many long sentences, so that the reader will not have to go back and read the same sentence over again in order to understand what it is you are trying to communicate.

Proofreading and linguistic review – what is the difference and what will you get?

Proofreading: I will correct misspelling, bad grammar, and punctuation errors. This is the faster and somewhat less expensive service, but it will ensure an impeccable text. See the price below.

Linguistic review: I will edit sentences that reads heavy, so that your text will be reader-friendly, and your message will be even clearer. Linguistic review also includes the above-mentioned proofreading. See the prices here.